Honey Replica Handbags - Scam www.honeyreplicahandbags.com horrible quality bags

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www.honeyreplicahandbags.com also known as www.honeyreplicahandbags.co sells horrible replica bags made in China. They quote a price and then charge your credit card for more money claiming shipping adjustments or currency rates.

Customer service is bad and impolite! Do not buy from this online store! I bought a purse in June, 2011, it was bad quality and the wrong size. The store never fixed the situation, and their customer service person was not helpful.

I exchanged several e-mails and the dispute was never resolved. the person exchanging e-mails with me was rude and did not care about my request for reimbursement.

They refused to take back the merchandize. And eventually stopped responding to my e-mails.

Monetary Loss: $346.


Florida City, Florida, United States #762856

Original ones are of course perfect but I know there are still replicas that are exact copies of them that can be bought at very cheap price. This is why I always go to http://designerbagsonline.co for high quality replica bags and reliable customer service agents! :)


i bought dior bag from this website and its amazing....perfect quality looks like original one i have it 3 years i was wearing it in european snow and in carribean's sun and nothing is fading or rusting or wearing off...im really happy with this purchase

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #744029

This is too sad. I am sure I am gonna be pissed when this happens o me.

I am just happy I found http://designerbagsonline.co, you can try them! :)


not my kind of website. Thank you for the information.

This is one of the reasons why I find it hard to buy stuff online. And this is another reason why I go for Poshmoda. PM gives me what I want. affordable prices.

They never claimed to have the originals though their handbags are sure winners when it comes to quality. You will think it's genuine.

Always go for a trusted replica store. 8)


I bought two purses from Iki.cnreplica and one was very nice but the other ( a Birkin) was so horrible and bumpy I cannot wear it.. it looked like a 20 dollar street bag! I e-mailed them to change it for another bag,even buy two more bas,and nothing, they just ignored all my e-mails!


i have great DIOR bag from the perfect imitation high quality for 10% of regular price...looks exactly like an original one...


Horrible website!I am pissed off too! I ordered something a whole week, nothing came, I asked where is my parcel, then I was told it is not available!

I therefore asked for a refund, but they are trying to shove something else down my throat that I DO NOT want.

I am giving them 1 day to refund my Credit Card or I am filing a chargeback with my bank! Lousy way of doing business!


www.honeyreplicahandbags.co not www.honeyreplicahandbags.com

I think you made ​​a mistake, www.honeyreplicahandbags.com this website, and I believe it


I am here just would like to tell everybody the great website that I ever met. that is www.honeyreplicahandbags.com.

The website has many items that I need, which can\'t find from somewhere else. Everything has two sides, so does trust. They send me goods in time even sometimes I paid my payment next time. Of course, not all the payment, just a little, but they won\'t hold my parcel because of those fees.

lolRegarding of this, I will continue to give them my orders in the future. No matter who says, but I know they are the seller that I can trust!


good luck buddy, keep talking with them, everything can be solved.


:? Did they? Because I ordered one wallet recently, got it last week, it is nice and nothing wrong with shipment or the wallet.

Actually, it is really fast, I know they are located in China, but only took me 6 days from the day I placed that order.

I am ready to order another handbag, to me so far, all is ok. I will take another try.


:grin I paid via western union, they give me 10% discount, not done by Credit Card. Handling fee can be covered by that 10%, also with a handbags as gift.

I am familiar with them.

They won't do this. You must purchase from somewhere else, I think.


Hi Cestjuste. This is sarah from www.honeyreplicahandbags.com.

We have been doing in this industry for 7 years, and have many return customers, but never had the case like yours. Not know what happened. So would you please tell me your order number here? I will help to check the status and reply you in time.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



:x not have such problem. I deal with them from long time ago and still purchase from them.

sometimes shipment will be delayed, but they will notify me in time about this. did Cestjuste really purchased from them?

I have good contact with them, really can\'t believe what you said. doubt it.....


www.honeyreplicahandbags.com, my favorite online store. as a reseller in Italian, they offer me great support in my business from the very beginning I purchased from them, best quality, best price than other websites I can get with gifts to every order, and fast shipment via DHL.

they also have one CS as my account manager! from 2 years shopping experience with them, I love their service and products, I will definitely order from them again and won't change my supplier.

www.honeyreplicahandbags.com, I believe its business is the same to everyone. you can trust them like I do.


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